Saturday, June 18, 2011


"Transitions in life are usually marked by major events, birthdays, graduations, weddings; but the greater transition often come out of smaller moments, when we stop and look at who we are, because each time we see how far we have come, we also see how far we still have to go. In order to fully transform, we might need to free ourselves of everything we’ve been holding on to, to send us on our new path, the right one. But if at the end, you find the person you have become is not the person you want to be. You can always turn around and try again. And may be the next time you won’t be so alone when it’s over, too late to turn back now, XOXO Gossip Girl."

This year passed by so quickly. I can't believe my first year of university is over. So much has changed since last year. Dramatic change. I strongly believe that "change is good" this time I'm not sure if it is. Some days the change my life's going through is really good, others it is not. Determination and commitment is what I've been training myself to have, and so far so .. okay. Started off with being committed to a bottle of beauty oil, I've been committed for three months. I have never ever committed to something for this long! I'm really proud of myself, mainly because practice makes perfect. I'm determined to commit to bigger goals, aiming high. Proof to thyself that I have strong willpower. If there is anything that I aim to be then it is, to be stronger. The point I want to reach.

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