Sunday, June 26, 2011



Never ever give up.

And if you are about to, I won't let you. No I won't. You know why?


It is very easy to simply give up, and it's so hard to keep having faith and believing in yourself regardless of how things might turn out.

The start doesn't matter, it actually never matters, its the end that does. You can start, try to reach, try again and still fail, try again until you get there and that is what truly matters.

You are not a quitter. Only quitters quit. You see, one thing I immediately and completely fell in love with when I started to get to know you more, is your strong personality. You as a person, bring more meaning to the word Strong. I've known you to be that person who would never ever give up. Prove me right.

Simply, when things aren't on your side, you go up to things and get on their side!!

It happens to all of us. The feeling of hopelessness. We all reach point break. But if everyone one of us stopped right there and lost hope, no one would ever be there. Hope got people there.

Failure creates who you are. And, everything happens for a reason. Whatever does happen, is always for the best.

Keep moving forward.


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