Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Leap into the unknown

Between the mind digesting process, acceptance and the stubbornness of my own beliefs.
Between what I thought was right and what is not.
Between what I thought is true and what is.
Between dark chocolate and milk chocolate.
Between the meaning of maybe, yes, and no.
Between the taste of pepsi and cola.
That is how I feel.
Just that, being in between.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Show them who's boss!

I believe in my own power.
I am the boss of my emotions.
I recently realized that I have complete and utter control on how I make myself feel, and by that shape the mood I put myself in for rest of the day!
Sometimes I shut the world out. You know like my cranky-ness, bad mood, PMS phase & I only exist. I give in, I decide to let cranky-ness win the best of me and spend the day in bed with a bowl of ice cream or a jar of nutella and my favorite tv shows.
Not that I did not try to disappear. Believe me I've tried to sleep for a thousand years but that didn't work out well for me, turned out to be impossible..
But sometimes, I choose to ignore, look at the rosy and rainbow-ish invisible bright side. Make it all work out for me. I, can do that, for me because I deserve it.
In fact I think, there's no reason I can't have a life that I enjoy and love, even if I were in denial.
You shouldn't too. Life is, about you after all and how you make it work for YOU.
Believe in thyself.

Love, A!