Friday, November 8, 2013

The capacity to accept delay.

You told me not to worry. Wait and see. Things fall into place. I believe every word you said so I waited. Like I always do. Your wink, a mentors pat on the back. You trained me, oh so perfectly. To wait. To wait for every piece of the puzzle to fit together. To wait for things to fall into place. The way they should be, you said. You see I waited, just like you asked me to. You see, I waited .. a little longer than you asked me to. Always remember, the rule of the two extremes you said. Letting go and holding on and you told me all about the very fine line that separates them. You said both need patience and I knew even then I still had to wait. Do you remember? I was unable to see where I stood, on which side of the two extremes. How did I get there? Blinded. Distracted. Alone. 
I was too busy waiting.. Waiting like you taught me to, waiting .. for you. 

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