Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mixed signals.

Burned that bridge in haste. Impulsively. As fast as I could. At that very moment, it seemed like the only rational thing to do. Its time to declare war my head told me and I just couldn't find it in my heart to make room for the benefit of the doubt.  Its the last place I want to be. You weren't there anyway. Why does every word I write to you still sting so deeply, taste so bitter. I feel it, right here, in the middle, my heart. Overtaken by the intensity of that feeling.  Heavy emotions, you always let them intervene it makes me feel weighed down. The anchor, yours. Stop dragging me down, thats not what you do. You lift me up. You confuse me. I told you, I only see the good in you. But lets get real, I always saw the best in you. Come closer. Now go away. Stop misreading the signals.. Go away.

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