Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good buys.

#1. Neutrogena Fast Absorbing Hand cream.
My faaaavorite.

#2. Soap & Glory; Scrub of your life.

#3. Kerastase Oleo Relax Serum for very Rebellious & Dry hair.
I recommend this for people with frizzy and really curly wurly hair.

#4. The Kerastase shampoo I'm currently using; for oily hair.
I love this!

#5. I used to use The Volumizing Shampoo for Fine, Vulnerable Hair.
Ah-mzaing volume & fullness.

#6.Toni & Guy Protein Protection mist, essential protection from styling damage.
I spray just a lil at the end of my hair before styling.

#7. Vaseline.
Need I say anything?

#8. Baby oil
.. xoxo, A.


  1. I wrote some of them down.
    I so needed this kind of post, THANKS!! :D

  2. vasline has been my frind everywhere since grade 1999 :D
    but now i use ( nivia lip bam ) for my lips.. its better then vasline :D

    baby oil is a buddy too..

    but im gonna try the hand cream.. i ran outa hand cream n i think this will be good..

    thanks 4 sharing

  3. a7san e5tra3 fl 3alam is vaseline :)

    when it comes to hand cream im a fan of Dr. Lewinn's handcreams and Jo Malone too

    Do you know of any good body scrubs? ive tried almond and butter by Laura Mercier which was rubbish and I just bought the orange scrub by L'Occitane.. do you have any recommendations?