Sunday, August 30, 2009


This post is a Butterhotshoes inspired post, she just posted something about HOT lipstick. Which made me want to share some celebrity lipstick moments I love.

Smooches, A.


  1. I loved ur picks! gorgeous.
    I agree btw, i hate it when they use darker lip liner!!! soooooo wrong and cheap looking.
    Take a look at Troy Jensen's blog, he always uses lip liner but always perfect. he never uses darker lip liner than the lipstick. he's a make up genius.
    Thanks <3

  2. Angie looks gorgeous she always perfects the Bold Lip! I'm so jealous!

  3. Butter, I love his blog, he's ah-mazing!!
    F, she looks gorgeous, for now don't be jealous, winter is not here yet to wear so such dark lipstick :p!

  4. 9ij ine I don't like angelina ..but that picture of her is hot !=)

  5. My favorite thing about being a girl is the sweet advantage of putting LIPSTICK!
    Who doesn't love lipstick!
    I'd rather see a girl with mascara and lipstick rather than COLORED eyeshadow and kohl.
    :) No offense.
    <3 Lipsticks FTW
    GREAT topic. The darker lip liner is a total no-no!

  6. Charmbracelet, I know :o !
    Dangerously Wild, yaaaah totally :o I know what you meeean !! :*:*