Thursday, June 19, 2014

Loss of precious little things.

Worth (n): 
An amount of something that has a specified value, that lasts for a specified length of time.
Usefulness, or importance.

Some things are worth more than others. Some people are too. No, not that way. Never materialistically, at least not here. Every “thing” here is of sentimental value, I’m speaking of that kind of importance, the important kind, the only kind that matters, the kind you can tell apart from all the other "things", an element that makes “things” stand out. It shows, most times its more obvious than ever, your worth. Most evident, in little "things" that are always meant for you. Directly. Individually. Only for you.

Things I would do, the times I would tell you, the other times I would put effort just to show you. You see?

Living in a messy world of mixed values and things of little-to-no sentimental importance. It’s a challenge for some to tell the difference, simple distinction, the ability to call something that of great sentimental value. Once you start paying attention to the little things, it gets clearer. It either exists or it doesn’t. It is either solely meant for you or just another common, overdone, constantly occurring gesture tossed in every other direction. 
That simple betrayal nips at my heart. It may not be considered betrayal at all. Just another gesture I thought much of and dismissed because of the absence of great sentimental value.

Look closely. Don't be tricked.

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