Saturday, April 20, 2013


Forgiveness. You forgive, for your sake. Forgiveness, serves you more than the person that wronged you or vice versa. In the long run, this is for you, for me, for us. Every one of us has been betrayed and hurt at some point. Feeling hurt is completely and utterly a normal part of being a human being. You see pain can linger and stay for a long time, more than it should. Paying its unwelcomed visits every now and then constantly reminding you of every single brutal memory. Dragging mind numbing, inevitable feelings. I am one of those girls that wish they could magically change the past, change what has been done to me, change what I may have done to others. Change every little thing that fills me up with deep seated resentment or remorse. Right all the wrongs. I think we spend too much time feeling guilty and resentful, focussing on things we can't change rather than what we actually can change. Stuck in the past, constantly pressing rewind. As human beings, we want to forget, we want to erase, we want to get past everything turbo speed. Thing is, you can't simply forget if you can't accept, or forgive. Forgiveness needs effort, patience, time and practice. The trick is to write about forgiveness like I know how, as if I mastered the art of acceptance and forgiveness. Smart? The sad truth is you'd be very wrong to think, that it worked. As I sit and try to convince myself with words that are written by me to me. As much as I just made it sound simple and easy, forgiveness is not anywhere close to practical. And as much I'd love to be the bigger person, today I choose not to be.

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