Monday, November 19, 2012

Que sera, sera.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. Always calm. Always quiet. A creature of many faces, she would be ugly and unpleasant at times. Too much to take, too much to handle. A mess. And at other times she was mind blowingly beautiful. Perfect, just what everyone needed. Left a lingering smile on faces. Thing is, that poor girl was usually mistrusted, misjudged and always misunderstood. They didn't trust that all she wanted was the best, their best. They didn't know that she had their bestest interest at heart. They didn't believe in her. They wouldn't. They just couldn't give up their power, their will, to a little girl. How could they give in? Noway.
She wasn't anyone's favorite. Regardless, she kept on happening, showing up. A little creep, they said. Scaring everyone around her off. And that didn't feel good, it worried her. It made her feel very much neglected.
So she prayed, every night for that one day, that one day she would finally prove herself right. Waiting patiently for them to see things through her glasses. They may not be rose colored, they may not colored at all. But they were just right. No illusions. No lies. Just the way everything should be.

Her name is Fate and Fate is coming.

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