Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The heart of Europe.

I'm blogging from the train, on my way back to Vienna from Prague. Prague is a beautiful city! Very touristic, I fell in love with the details of the old buildings, that survived and lived through many centuries. I have to admit exploring the wonderful city needed at least five days to be able to visit all the famous places! I visited Prague's famous castle, the Old town square which was so close to our hotel and Charles Bridge. I loved the Old town square, its right in the middle of Prague, the heart of the beautiful city. It had a magnificent church, many restaurants and cafe's. We were able to see from far during our city tour the Powder tower, a very old tower that was built to store gunpowder, it was not so far from the Old town square as well. What I realized is that, half of the people I came across are tourists! Really, even more than half.

During the city tour, when we were walking to Charles Bridge, we came across John Lennon's peace wall, a wall with beautiful graffiti by people from all around the world that left their mark on it. We also came across a small bridge above the Valtva river where lovers wrote their names on locks and threw their keys in the river. An idea that always exists in many parts of the world such as Rome, Paris and Moscow. I found it very romantic and interesting, it brought such joy to see hundreds of padlocks of people are in love!


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  1. I've never had the chance to go to Prague, but it's one of those cities I'm literally dying to visit! :)