Friday, February 25, 2011

Pointless exaggeration.

The human race tends to make every possible thing seem larger, more dramatic, better, or even worse than it really is. It's very fascinating how it's inevitable. Exaggeration. You all do it. We all do it. We exaggerate. Therefore, we are constantly disappointed. I don't mind people exaggerating how good a movie is, or how bad that dress looked on xyz. Or how scrumptious the cake was. Because people tend to do that, human nature. But, wait for it, wait for it. Even worse, and worse. What I find really hard to accept, being THE subject of exaggeration. I hate when people exaggerate and twist my actions. Making them seem like I'd never even except to hear. When on the other hand, I didn't mean it in that way. Too shocking to be true. How could you make it all look so bad? When it wasn't even slightly as bad. You can't exaggerate something and take it against someone.

This post is dedicated to my encourager, & reason of my motivation, MAH.

A x

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