Friday, September 3, 2010

The ugly truth or the beautiful lie?

What would you rather hear?


  1. well the beautiful lie is going to become the ugly truth eventually...
    so the ugly truth is better to hear

  2. Ugly truth :(

    But a small, tiny beautiful lie every once in a while wont harm I guess :P

    Lalalaa... Ugly truth ! :|

  3. its really not difficult to decide... as much as u avoid it you must know its better to know the ugly truth ... i agree with springiyaa

  4. springiyaaa; true.

    Euphoria; I'm confused myself, can't decide!

    Constant Catwalk & Fashionistic Observer; I agree. But, I would and wouldn't want to hear it. If you know what I mean. The curse of the beautiful lie!

    Reemas; Yn3ad 3alaikm b97a wel3afyh.