Friday, January 15, 2010

Vogue India

I'm in love with Vogue India. It is different, and I love how different is it. & I'd tell you one thing, with every page you flip you see, a gorgeous huge emerald & diamond necklace, ruby bracelet, or diamond cocktail ring. * hearts* .. there are articles that are fun & interesting. I'd share the one I really loved with you.

"Vogue Quotient, Word up, we sought out the newest slang going around this part season "

I'll share my favorites..
Buffer guest (n.) a close friend whom you invite to a party earlier than the scheduled time, in order to make things less awkward in case someone you don't know arrives early.
I invited Kankona as a buffer guest in case Kareena arrived early.

DLS (n.) short for Dirty Little Secret, a secret you don't want anyone else to know.
I'm cheating on my boyfriend with his best friend. He has no idea - its my DLS!

Facebrag (v.) to use Facebook as a platform to brag.
Facebook Status: I just got another Hermes Birkin, Ranbir Kapoor won't stop calling me, and I lost 5 kilos without exercising.

MDL (n.) short for Mutton Dressed as Lamb, an older lady dressing in fashions that are inappropriate for her age.
Her mother looks like an MDL- those clothes look like they belong to a 13 year old.

Nonversation (n.) a completely worthless conversation where nothing meaningful is discussed or elaborated on.
I had a nonversation with Rakhi about the weather.

Over-chicked (n.) a guy with a girlfriend who is much better-looking than he is.
How did Salman ever get Katrina to date him in the first place? he's totally over-chicked.

Props (n.) Respect, recognition.
You've got to give Shilpa Shetty props for that killer figure.

Retox (v.) to go back to your New Year's resolutions and to do the total opposite.
Instead of following my resolution to get fit this year, I decided to retox and take up Japanese cooking classes instead.

Textrovert (n.) someone who is daring while texting, but is a coward in person.
All the night he was silent and wouldn't make the first move, but the moment he got home, he suddenly became a textrovert.

TTYN (n.) short for Talk to you never.
See you losers, ttyn!

Twitterrhea (n.) tweeting excessively and compulsively on Twitter.
She has a case of twitterrhea- who posts 18 tweets an hour?

Wasband (n.) ex-husband.
Actress, Jennifer Lopez has quite a few wasbands.

Enjoy, A xx


  1. Thats so interesting!! great piece!! i need to pick up vogue india next time im out!!


  2. haha..I love this article..I actually printed it out :D